By area, it is the biggest municipality in Bohuslän. The number of inhabitants is close to 13000, and the biggest place is Tanumshede, whichyou find inland. But Fjällbacka and Grebbestad are fairly big places with a good facilities.

Points of interest

Rock Carvings at Tanum, Vitlycke

These are rather spectacular, and are listed on UNESCO:s list of World Heritage. If you want to go there, it is possible to do so by bus from Fjällbacka.Vitlycke

Vitlycke Museum

Guest Harbours


A big and very popular guest harbour. It takes around 200 visiting boats, but it could be difficult to find a spot in July. You might have to circle around for a while, waiting for someone else to leave, and hope that you will be close enough to catch it. Don't expect others to wait for you even if it's your turn!

On one of the small islands just outside the harbour, one of Sweden's most famous actresses, Ingrid Bergman, had a summer house. The town of Fjällbacka has honoured her with a statue in the centre of the town. 2015 is by the way 100 years since she was born.

Another rather famous person is Camilla Läckberg, an author to some of the best selling crime novels in Sweden in last years. The setting for her novels is Fjällbacka.
The service at the Guest Harbour did get rather bad comments last year at sites where you can express your opinion. So we will see if it gets better this year.


This is one of the most popular harbours on the West Coast. Some 200 visiting boats. The jetty on the east side when you enter is for visiting boats. An odd, but good, coloured zone-system marks what kind of “neighbours” to look for. Green marks family boats, red party zone, and blue something in between. Grebbestad

But there is an smaller private harbour deep in the bay, on the northern side. It is not a primarily a guest harbour, but free space could be used. Here you can also buy fuel and do repairs.

If you are lucky you can buy freshly boiled shrimp directly from the fishing-boats when the come back in the evening. Perhaps not cheaper, but lovely tasting.


In the narrow sound between Hamburgön and the mainland, you can stay on both sides. On the the mainland, (east side) you find the shops and other services. On the island side, there are som nice areas for taking a walk.

If If you stay on Hamburgön (western part) you can cross the sound with the yellow cable-ferry. And of course vice-versa. It is free of charge. It could be a bit of a swell, since quite a bit of traffic will be present all day.


In the very west of Swedish territorial waters you find Väderöarna. It is an miniature archipelago of it's own some 10 M west of Fjällbacka. It is also an old pilot station. It has has a small manmade harbour at the biggest island (Storön) where the Harbour Master really will pack visitors like “pickled herrings”. (That is a saying in Sweden, which means that it is tightly packed.) In July, it will be full in early afternoon, and then you should not consider leaving until next morning. “First in, last out”! But you also have good natural possibilities west of Storön where a narrow channel runs between Storön and some smaller islands. The current here could be noticeable.


Tanum municipal - informative webpage

Including event calendar, links to guestharbours and more.

Weather at Tanum

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