Stone masonry

If we carry on north from Lysekil, up along the beautiful red granite, the next municipality we arrive at, is Sotenäs. Not very big, close to 10000 inhabitants. Needless to say, fishing and shipping has been the main income here. But in particularly north of Lysekil we also find lots of stone quarries. Sadly enough, mostly abonded.

Here we also find some of the more popular guest harbours in Bohuslän: Smögen, Hunnebostrand and Kungshamn. But other good and often visited harbours are Bovallstrand, Malmön and Väjern. The administrative and commercial center is Hunnebostrand.


In the 30's, during the depression, the Swedish government set a up a scheme for increasing the economic demand in the country, in true Keynesian spirit. Reducing unemployment and getting the economical wheels running again was the aim. Often these projects were infrastructure ones, and Soten Canal was one of these. The coastline west of the present canal was a dangerous one when the westerly gale sets. So it not only made a shortcut for vessels, it also had a safety purpose. It was completed in 1935, and is 5,5 km long. Half way through there is a turning bridge that you can not pass with a sailing boat, hence there are often quite long ques waiting for the opening of the bridge. Lights on the bridge will guide you. Today, it is almost only pleasureboats that use it.

Points of interest


A Zoological garden, a bit inland. Nordens Ark is a private non-profit foundation set up to give endangered animals a future. The operations include breeding, research and education and efforts to disseminate knowledge about biological diversity. Many of the activities are carried on in the field, both in Sweden and abroad. You can reach it by direct bus from Hunnebostrand in 40 minutes. The children will love it! Click on the picture, and you will find more information

Nordens ark


All along the Bohus coast, stone masonry has been an important industry. Bohus granite, one billion years old and very solid, could be found in many countries around the world. It was an important export until some 50 years ago. The first quarry was opened in 1842, at Bohus Malmön. It was the increasing demand for foundation stone for harbours, industrial buildings and canals that was the starting point. The quarry at Malmön delivered stone to the construction of new locks at Trollhätte canal. Around 1930, the industry reached a peak, and 7000 people worked in the stone industry. Today, very little is extracted.Arts in Hunnebostarnd

Hunnebostrand could be considered the main centre of the stone industry. Here you will find a museum of stone masonry, as well as an art exhibition, all in stone, just north of the harbour. The museum was opened in 1993. You will not only see tools, work sheds and such, there are also good guides and craftsmen who will show you how the work was carried out. A place to visit for both children and adults. After the visit you could carry on along the “cultural path”, through a narrow canyon up to a fantastic view over the surroundings.

Guest Harbours


Hunnebostrand is the biggest township in Sotenäs, as well as a big and well equipped guest harbour. This is one of the biggest and most popular harbours in Bohuslän. There is space for more than 200 visiting boats, but in July there is not always easy to find an empty spot.

Hunnebostarnd harbour

The harbour is also the starting point of something called “sailing week”. Sounds interesting for a keen sailor? In fact, if you are not interested in heavy drinking and loud nights, avoid it! It is really an excuse for young people to have a 7 days long party. They start in Hunnebostrand and then they carry on to 6 other harbours. It starts on a Monday, one week in the middle of July, and family sailors flee. The last year there fewer boats attending, and maybe it is just a memory in some yearsto come?

Nevertheless, Hunnebostrand is a good harbour with a lot of shops and restaurants if that is what you are looking for.


In the middle of July it is often difficult to find a free spot in the most popular harbours. I have found myself circling around in the basin of Hunnebostrand, only to give up and carry on further north. There you will find Bovallstrand, smaller but a very nice spot. And you are much more likely to find an empty spot here. It is a nice, and a quieter harbour with good facilities.


Malmön Fiskehamnen

malmöns marina

Malmöns Marina

Malmön, or as it was called before, Bohus Malmön, is a popular and big guest harbour. There are two harbours you can use, the modern marina and the old fishing harbour. The latter has less facilities, but costs half the price and is much more quiet.

At the Marina you will find shops and restaurants. And much more people, and BIG boats. The facilities as such I consider not dimensioned for the number of guests. The choice is yours.
Malmön is a fairly big island and used to be an initial centre for stone masonry. If you stroll around the island, you find a lot of old quarries. One of them is turned into a open air theatre where both plays and music could entertain you.

Sotenäs municipal - official webpage

Including event calendar, links to guestharbours and more.

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