Red granite and tourists

Map Lysekil

A population of around 15000, and about half of them reside in the township of Lysekil. Other townships are Fiskebäckskil, Grundsund and Brastad (inland).

The township Lysekil is the centre for the municipality, also a quite “big” town. In fact, there are few bigger townships in Bohuslän. Big is a relative word, but with Swedish standards it is fairly big.

The town grew up in 16-17th century, when the big herring period brought wealth to Bohuslän.

The oldest part of town you find on the northern side, where there are reminiscence from 16th century. But of the old and beautiful buildings left, they are from the 19th century. The cathedral mid town is a landmark that could be seen many miles off shore. The say that you could see the church and the lighthouse of Skagen (Denmark) at they same time if you are in the middle of these places. Much bigger that one could expect at a place like this, but majestic in it's reddish granite. Enter it and calm down after a days passage.Lysekil cathedral

Lysekil has most of what you can demand when it comes to bath, shopping, restaurants and entertainment.

On both sides you have fjords, Gullmarn and Brofjorden. Gullmarn on the east side is the only “real” fjord in Sweden, ie it has a threshold of 40 meters, and the rest is more than 100 meters in depth. There are no guest harbours in Gullmarn, hence there are few visitors. But it is scenic, and you can find places to moor at Bornö. Enjoy the calm!

Brofjorden on the west, has a big refinery, and the vessels entering are BIG! When it was built in early 70-ies, there was a infected debate wheter it was safe to bring that big tankers into the fjord. Look at the chart and you can see why. Fortunately there have not yet been any incidents, and let us pray that there never will.

Points of interest

A fantastic aquarium with Skagerrack in focus. Well worth a visit both for kids and grown ups.

Havets hus

Guest Harbours


There are three different guest harbours, two at the south side, and one on the north side. Altogether there are more than 350 berths for guests.


There are space for 50 visiting boats. Both on the south and the northern side of the harbour. Grundsund is a community that has enough permanent residents not to be a tourist trap. But still very charming and picturesque. If any of you have seen the film “Saltön”, a TV series set up by Swedish Television, this is the location for the set.



West of Grundsund, you find an old shipping community, Gåsö. As for many of the old small communities along the coast, there are no people living all year round any longer. It is a very beautiful place, well worth a visit. A curiosity is that the only Swedish heavy weight champion in boxing, Ingemar Johansson (1959), built a nice summer house here. You can see it when you enter from south. That is, if you know what to look for.

The harbour is small, you can use some blue boys on the outside of the floating jetty. The swell from passing boats could make it a bit uncomfortable, and there are no facilities available. Not even a WC.

South of Gåsö there is an fantastic archipelago called Vasholmarna. Some very nice natural harbours you will find here. It is also declared an “area of silence”. Respect that!



A coupl of miles north of Lysekil you can stay at a fairly new marina, at Bastevik. But nothing else when it comes to facilities. But the surroundings are nice with nice walks.

You find it just southeast of Kornö, and south of Brofjorden. Brofjorden, a quite narrow and deep fjord, is the entrance to the biggest oil refinery in Sweden. Around 1970 there was a debate whether the narrow fjord was suitable for harbouring the enormous oil tankers. Look at the entrance and you understand why. But, touch wood, so far no accidents have happened, something the environmentalists feared at the time. In the Fresh facilities, and a good restaurant and a kiosk selling "hardly anything".

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