Halland, Sweden in miniature

If the west coast is to be more complete, the county of Halland needs a presentation. Not so many entering Sweden from the north , i.e Norwegians, go as south as this. But if you come from the south there are several places worth visiting. Someone has described Halland as a miniature of Sweden.Halland Map Perhaps you need a bit of imagination to see it that way. But if we start from west, you find a flat coastal area with a fertile soil and a long tradition of agriculture. Sandy beaches, but few natural harbours. Inland, Halland “climbs” up to the southern highland. It is not so much of a highland, but an very old mountainous area worn down by the ice ages. Today you will think of it as a nice hilly area.
Halland, as well as Bohuslän has a long history of being a Danish territory, but was finally lost to Sweden in 1658 in the treaty of Roskilde together with Bohuslän. From that time on, Denmark had no territory east of it’s mainland. So, unfortunately for the natives of Halland this has been an area with lots and lots of fighting between the Danes and the Swedes. Denmark was until this time the dominant country in Scandinavia, and particularly architecture is still there as a memory of that time. Besides from that you don’t sense much of that today, but the fortress of Varberg tells you that there was a need to protect the area. It was built by the Danes, and has changed shape a number of time from the middle ages. The present construction is from the 17th hundreds, and is nice to visit. From the Swedish time it has not served any miitary purpose worth mentioning. More so as prison. There is also a museum situated there. If you are not interested in a vsit to the museeum, the view from the top is wort the walk up. The fortress you find right in the middle of the city, and there is also where you moore.

But if we stick to the coast, we find in the south an landscape resembling Denmark and the county of Skåne. No archipelago, just sandy beaches. But when you reach Varberg, the countryside changes character and resembles Bohuslän a bit with granite rocks and an increasing number of islands. Still not an archipelago of it’s own, but you can sense what is coming. So while Bohuslän has harbours almost “everywhere”, Halland provides far less. You find places to stay in the bigger cities Halmstad, Falkenberg and Varberg. But also some smaller ones like Träslövläge, Grötvik, Glommen that are nice stops.


Halmstad harbour

The guest harbour is situated just east of the mouth of the river Nissan, and you can moore right in the middle of the city, in front of the castle, now a residential building for the head of the county.


Falkenberg as well as Halmstad are situated at the mouth of rivers. In the case of Falkenberg the river is Ätran. You find two two alternatives, Lövstaviken, on port side when you enter the river mouth, and at the south side of the river in the city centre.


Varbergs kallbadhus

Varberg has a big commercial harbour with an easy port to call at. Keep up along the gigantic fixed lights on land, and the turn starboard when you are almost inside the commercial harbour. And then you moore alongside the old harbours stone walls. Varberg is a fairly big city, Swedish standard, so her you can easily stay for some nights, right in the town centre. Varberg is a busy holiday place. In the 40 and 50-ies a lot of summer houses were built at Apelviken. A fantastic sandy beach, now a “centre” for wind surfing in Sweden. You can take a walk along the sea down to Apelviken. Then you also pass the castle and an old sanatorium, today used as a Spa.

Glommen harbour

This is today one quite busy fishing harbour which also has a fish market. Just south of Glommen you find a tall light house, Morups Tånge. So you will be able to find quite easy at both night and day.

Träslövsläge harbour

Situated a couple of miles south of Varberg, this is a well equipped guest harbour. It is an old fishing village from the Danish time and the low old houses certainly are picturesque. In my view, one of the nicer old coastal villages in Halland.



Northwest of Halmstad you find a small cosy harbour named Grötvik. It is on the way out to Tylösand. Tylösand has an enormous beach, and is one of the more intense party-areas on the west coast. The harbour itself is situated where an old quarry was.

Bua harbour

BuaIf you are on the way up north, and don’t want to stop at Varberg, perhaps Bua is another choice? It is a big fishing harbour with good facilities. Two landmarks, the nuclear power station of Ringhals at north, and the paper pulp factory Väröbacka at the south, make sure you will not miss it.

The nuclear powerstation is open to the public in July.

Points of interest


Whether an inland shoppingsite would be of any interest to a salior I don't know. But this is a famous and enormous shoppingarea some 40 minutes busride from Varberg. Buses go approx one every hour from the bus station which is situated 5 minutes walk from the harbour. Ullared shoppingarea is HUGE, and it is cheap. Very cheap. You can find almost anything here. But! You will not be alone. Buses, even airflights, bring keen shoppers to Ullared.Varberg Fortress

Varberg Fortress

As mentioned above, it is well worth a visit.




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